The prehistoric site of Akrotiri
(N.B. Access to the excavations at Akrotiri has been closed by the Greek Public Prosecutor since a part of the metal roofing covering the archaeological site collapsed in September 2005 killing a tourist. Several dates, now passed, have been announced for the reopening: a realistic estimate is that the site should be open again from the 2012 season. The follow description is of the site as it was at the time it closed.)

The excavations of the prehistoric city at Akrotiri- are among the most important in the Mediterranean because of the remarkably good state of conservation of the streets of two and three-storey buildings, the wealth of pottery and other finds, and the quality of the wall paintings, which constitute the most important cycle of Bronze Age murals in Europe. Some of the paintings are preserved in the Museum of Prehistoric Thera in Chora (see above), but most are in the national Archaeological Museum in Athens. For reasons of conservation, none have been kept on the site itself.

Santorini Island is part of the Cyclades Island Group, Greece.

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