The attractive bay of Pedhi, frequented by Simiots once as a summer ‘retreat’, has a beautiful setting and a number of fine houses. At the south end of the bay is a concentration of older churches. Behind the first row of houses from the shore-line just before the bay bends east is the 15th century church of the Taxiarchis Michail Avlakiotis (paintings in poor condition on the north wall). The most interesting church in the area is Aghios Thomas, which lies 100m along the south shore from the corner of the bay. It is set back a few feet from the sea, and between it and the shore is an enclosed area where fresh water springs emerge from under the church, creating a pool to the side, in which fish seem to delight. The pool has an apse to the east and a number of ancient stones in the water which come from an early Christian church which once stood here, and for which the springs may have served for baptisms. This in turn may have replaced an earlier pagan shrine on the same site. From Pedhi Bay, local boats can be hired to go to the islet of Aghia Marina which lies just off the coast to the north of the entrance to the bay. There is a tiny monastery beside the water. It is also swimming-distance from the coast opposite, where there is a small seasonal community which can be reached by foot (30 min.) from the north side of Pedhi Bay.

Symi Island is part of the Dodecanese Island Group, Greece.

Symi Island is part of the Dodecanese Island Group, Greece.

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