Thasos town—Limenas
The unostentatious modern town of Limenas is built amongst and over the remains of what was one of the most active and prosperous ancient cities of the Northern Aegean. Its extensive ruins are a rare combination of considerable beauty, variety and importance. They have been excavated over the arc of the last century and documented in exemplary fashion by the French Archaeological Mission: their work is explained in an excellent volume, Guide de Thasos , published by the Ecole Française d’Athenes (1967, revised 2000)—an essential companion for anyone seeking a complete picture of these varied and fascinating remains. The sites of the ancient city fall naturally into two itineraries:
   *the scattered remains within the town itself—including the agora, the Museum and the port area;
   *and the wide circuit of the walls that enclosed the town, including the many fine gates, the theatre and other sites in proximity to the enceinte.

The guide that follows has been divided according to these two itineraries.

Thasos Island is part of the Northern Aegean Island Group, Greece.

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