The Circuit of the Walls & the Theatre
Evraiokastro, Early Christian church and the sanctuary of Demeter

The northernmost point of the town, beyond the boat yards, is a rocky promontory bearing signs of past fortification and the base of a signalling-tower discernible in the north east slope. Its name ‘Eb(v)reo-kastro’ probably has nothing to do with Jews at all, but is a corruption of ‘Vryo-kastro’ meaning simply ‘seaweed castle’. On the slope opposite is the small modern church of the Apostles, built inside the remains of a 6th century Christian basilica, which in turn is built over a pagan sanctuary.
The votive offerings found here in excavations suggest that the sanctuary was dedicated to Demeter and Kore. This was a cult primarily for women and its places of wor ship were often, like this one, outside the walls of a town. As you climb up towards it a stretch of 6th century bc terracing with large rusticated blocks is visible which originally supported the terrace of the sanctuary. The Early Christian church was built between this and the remains of what was an ancient colonnaded portico a few metres above the east end of the church. Clearly visible are many Christian tombs which crowd around the apsidal church to northwest and southeast. The re-erected columns, and much of the material for the paving and construction of the basilica are spolia from the pagan buildings here.

Thasos Island is part of the Northern Aegean Island Group, Greece.

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