The theatre
Thasos ’s ancient theatre is not a particularly well-pre served example; its virtue for the visitor was once—as so often with ancient theatres—the beauty of its site and the grateful shade of the pine-trees which grew within it. These have all now been removed and modern seating has been imported, somewhat changing the atmosphere of the place—even though the view towards the Macedonian mainland remains as beautiful as ever. Thasos had a strong tradition of drama: Aristotle considered the comic actor and writer, Hegemon of Thasos , the originator of comic parody. The earliest performances may have taken place in the vicinity of the sanctuary of Dionysos, because the present theatre dates only from around the year 300 bc. The permanent stage set, or proskenion, was like a portico of Doric columns, surmounted by an architrave with a decorated frieze, of which fragments may be seen in the museum. In the 2nd century ad, the theatre was transformed to accommodate the new taste for dangerous spectacles, and the ring of orthostats in front of the first row of seats was added for the protection of the audience. Behind it can be seen holes for awning fixtures: a few of the seats still bear the inscribed names of the families who paid to have them reserved for their use.

Thasos Island is part of the Northern Aegean Island Group, Greece.

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