The west & the centre of the island
In the vicinity of Limenas

To the west of Limenas, in the outskirts of the town, are several sites of importance. The first, in an area referred to both as Molos and as ‘Tsoukalario’, is situated 2km from the centre of Limenas just to the right (north) of the road out of the town at the point where it joins the main road towards Prinos. There are the remains of two, almost contiguous Early Christian basilicas here, built over the site of a Roman necropolis from which a couple of sarcophagi still remain on the surface. Although the site is large and its readability is hindered by the vegetation, the following elements are still clear. An area of hypocaust (closest to the sea within the enclosure) suggests there may have been thermae here in Roman or Byzantine times; pre existing baths sometimes became places for baptism in early Christian times. The smaller and older of the two basilicas (5th century ad) occupies the area closer to the sea on a southeast/northwest axis. As often happens, the complex was then enlarged as the community grew and a second 6th century basilica was built directly abutting (and partially covering) the south aisle of the first. The curious arrangement and orientation of these buildings may have been determined by the foundations of the pre existing Roman structures.
   Across the ring-road from here, and at a distance of 800m to its south, are the interesting remains of the Hellenistic farmstead of Marmaromandra. (The road leading to it is to the south, or left, after 300m as you turn back east on the ring-road in the direction of Panaghia.) Two buildings of the 4th century bc have been uncovered here: one was a two-storeyed dwelling, built around a court yard; the other, probably a storehouse or barn. The plan and foundations of the buildings are still visible in customarily well-cut and dressed masonry. The remains of storage pithoi and of a wine-press point to an agricultural use for these buildings. The remains of another larger farmstead are in the process of being uncovered on the summit of the hill 6.5km west of Limenas, in an area referred to as ‘Glykadi’. Once again, rooms of different shape and destination are disposed around a central, open farmyard.

Thasos Island is part of the Northern Aegean Island Group, Greece.

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