Nigel McGilchrist is an art-historian who has lived, worked and taught in the Mediterranean area for over 30 years. He began learning ancient Greek at school at the age of eleven, and was a scholar both at Winchester College and at Merton College, Oxford.  After graduating with a First from Oxford in 1978 he travelled in the Near East, and then settled in Italy where he taught at the University of Rome, worked for the Ministero dei Beni Culturali (the Italian Ministry of Arts) in the field of conservation of wall-paintings, and established the Anglo-Italian Institute in Rome to introduce British university students to the art and history of the city of Rome.

Nigen Mcgilchrist

He has also worked in Greece and in Turkey. He now lectures in Europe and the United States, with regular visits to museums and institutions across the American continent from the Smithsonian in Washington to the Getty in Los Angeles.  He was appointed Dean of European Studies for a consortium of American Universities in 1993, and took many generations of students to Greece for study for over the next decade. He lives near Orvieto in Italy, has a small household of animals, and produces wine, olive oil and quails’ eggs.  


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